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Welcome to Ceres’ Secrets

March 10th, 2007

Who I am not:

I am not a chef, I have never been classically trained in a 5 star culinary school in an exotic location, I do not own or work in a trendy café, I have never worked on a farm, or run a booth at a local produce market, my gardening attempts are amateur at best, and I can honestly say that I have never really written for an audience before.

Who I am:

I am a home cook that is very passionate when it comes to the food I make and serve those I love. I believe Saturday mornings were created to be spent leisurely wandering through a local produce market or farm stand absorbing the sights, colors, fragrances, and flavors of the season.

As a great enthusiast of the kitchen as I am, I recently renovated it.

When traveling or on vacation, the local markets are always high on my list of tourist attractions. My poor husband has been dragged through so many of them, that I have often wondered if maybe he wishes he married another woman, the one that can not stand to cook and does not created mountains of dishes and ransack the kitchen from time to time.

I have been teased for dragging sweet juicy peaches from South Carolina under my seat on a plane and market finds from the Italian Market in Philadelphia in a cooler in the back of our SUV. I will admit to stopping in Dollar Stores far from home just to buy a cheapie knife and cutting board because I could not resist a fragrant pineapple or luscious mango that was perfectly ripe the day that I found it. I wash them and leave them behind for the hotel maids who must from time to time stumble upon them and wonder why… Really, who does that?

When I have the time, I will sometimes spend half a day researching a new cooking or baking technique and the other half of the day preparing it. Sometimes it works and sometimes I just look at the results and wonder if I can get them into the trash before anyone comes around to witness what I have done. But we won’t talk about that.

I do not claim to know everything about choosing perfect produce or local, seasonal, gourmet, or organic items. But, if you happen to strike up a conversation with me near the baskets of fresh fennel fronds that look like they stepped off the pages of a Dr. Seuss book, I will be more then happy do my best to help you pick some that are at their peak and share a favorite technique for preparing them. I have done this a million times while out and about and I am always thankful to those who do the same for me. For me, this blog is just an extension of that kind of camaraderie. A place where I can record the exciting things I discover, tasting notes, recipes, findings from local markets that I explore, as well as a place where others can share their knowledge and note the treasures that inspired their own menu for the week.

Ceres’ Secrets is a blog dedicated to reminding us of our connection to the Earth, its seasonal cycles, our relationship with our food, and those who grow it.

Welcome to Ceres’ Secrets and to my own seasonal kitchen!

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