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Prelude to Spring

March 19th, 2007

Sometimes I like to pause, take a deep breath, and really give my senses a few minutes to absorb and truly connect to the moment I am in…

Today as I do this, I reflect that Spring is still a couple of days away, yet it is warm enough to have opened some windows. I watch entranced, as our sheer white curtains are illuminated with the sunlight and billow softly in the breeze. The air around me is ionized and literally charged with the fore coming birth of a new season. Outside my window, the bright cornflower blue sky drapes over my city like a luxurious swatch of rare silk. Resting below it are the new blades of bright green grass that carpet the freshly awakened rich black soil, bestowing on it a sense of renewal and no doubt setting the stage for what will be a brilliant performance in the days and weeks ahead. Listening closely I hear the faint flutter of wings and the chirping of baby robins just a few feet away.

The beauty of the moment engulfs me and I can literally taste the Earthiness of its embrace. Deep within, I can feel my internal clock awakening from its wintertime hibernation. Thrilled with wonder and anticipation, my soul yearns for Spring and is almost completely captivated by it’s overwhelming sense of hope and renewal. With the fragile remnants of imagination left over from my childhood, I can not help but wonder if perhaps I will see the mythical goddess, Ceres’ wielding a paintbrush on the horizon, her soft touch delicately painting the landscape in a display of brilliant artistry. Perhaps, if I were to listen closely enough, maybe like the ancient Romans, I too could hear Ceres’ ancient voice in the wind whispering the secrets the next season has to share… and if you were to take a few minutes to pause and deeply connect to the moment you are in, I wonder if you could too…

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