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Just a quick note…

June 28th, 2007


Today is day 7 of our participation in The Food Stamp Challenge and I am happy to say, that we did not run out of food. We finished our last meal of a Totino’s frozen pizza and spinach tonight and believe it or not, the cooking time for the pizza ended up taking longer then anything else we ate this week.

Thankfully all of our meals were successful and their simplicity worked out really well as this turned out to be a very busy week in our home. After weeks of aggressive apartment hunting, my husband and I finally found an adorable urban apartment in downtown Columbus and will be moving very soon. It may take me a few days, but I will catch up our last recipe in the next day or two.

Many thanks to all who followed our progress and took the time to consider what life might be like in another’s shoes.

Best Wishes To All!

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Pick Your Own Farms

June 1st, 2007


The trees are full of lush green leaves, the birds are busily foraging for worms in my newly planted garden, and I all I can think about is Saturday morning, when my husband and I will be heading out to a local pick your own farm to go strawberry picking. Yes, it seems as if I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time… To say that my jelly jars and canning equipment are ready is an understatement and Read more…

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