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Coffee, Coupons, and Last Minute Thoughts

June 21st, 2007


At this very moment I am sitting at my desk slowly savoring my last cup of coffee for the day and the next several days for that matter. Our windows are open and there is a slight breeze billowing through the sheer white summery curtains throughout our home. As sunlight pours through my kitchen illuminating the light sky blue colored walls, the scent of a cast iron skillet cooked breakfast of buttermilk buckwheat pancakes, fresh strawberries, bacon, and pure maple syrup lingers in the air creating a fragrance that no candle or essential oil could ever be compared. My pantry is neatly organized and stocked with a wide variety of local, organic, and sustainable foods that are fully capable of providing the elements for a delectable feast with little more then a moment’s notice. In the depths of my cool basement there is a tall shelf stocked with an assortment of overflow small kitchen appliances, canning equipment, seasonal gadgets such as an apple/peeler/corer, and a small row of neatly arranged Ball jars cataloging the results of my first attempts at canning a taste of our local seasons. Yet, for a week I am going to use my imagination to pretend that none of that exists…

I have always believed that Read more…

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